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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Corporate gifting to your hometown & deep time based targeting by retailers

Via the insightful VC blog, Feld Thoughts,, I learned of an innovative way a company is giving back to their hometown (Boulder, CO), via their employees

For Blue Mountain Arts’ 35th anniversary, they’ve given a wonderful gift to Boulder. Rather than having a big party and spending a bunch of money, they’ve given each of their 100 employees a share of $200,000 to donate to their favorite charities.

Now, if we could just do something about the spoof emails from Blue Mountain Arts.

From the Chicago Tribune, comes an interesting look at how some retailers are sending timely emails to trigger purchases late at night. First, I thought it was refreshing to see mainstream media cover email in a context that wasn't about spam.

Second, I like the fresh approach to email that retailers are trying while utilizing their data and providing unique offers to their email lists.

Lastly, they quote our friend Chad White of the eec and I point this out not as a blog brownnose move, but I sometimes shrug when the media cites a big name traditional agency creative director that likely has no idea about email best practices, much less their own client's email program.

You can read the article here Night's right for online shopping


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