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Monday, June 23, 2008

Timely Free Webinar - Leveraging the Value of Email Marketing During a Recession

I will be speaking on an all too relevant topic - how to maximize email marketing during an economic downturn. The free webinar is this Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:00 pm EST. Hosted by the American Marketing Association and Aquent, please join me and hopefully come away with some specific and actionable areas you can improve your email efforts, regardless of company size and budget. Register here

The official jargon is below:

Even in this economic climate you should be telling your CMO and CFO that more dollars, not less, should be allocated to email marketing. Sound crazy? Given that marketers generally have to fight for their share of the budget, it probably does. But there is a compelling business case for increasing the share of your budget to email marketing programs: What other channel delivers the kind of measurable ROI that email marketing does?

In this complimentary Aquent/AMA webcast, Simms Jenkins, CEO of award-winning email marketing services firm BrightWave Marketing, will help you build your business case and win over C-level executives by outlining the key elements of optimizing any email marketing program. These elements include:

Defining (or redefining) the purpose, goals, and benchmarks of your program.
Positioning email as a service bureau within your organization.
Tracking metrics.
Testing concepts, creative, and offers.
Learning how to cut costs and deliver exceptional value to subscribers.


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