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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Avoid the Spam Reflex

Many email users hit the Spam And Junk Email Buttons instead of the Unsubscribe link. Why? Because of those spammers, of course. Well, I dont spam so I am in the clear, right?

Not at all - email users are afraid to use the unsubscribe link due to fears of ending up on more spam lists. Even if you are a permission email marketer, you must be aware of this. Of course, having your unsubscribe link as a working feature is required as part of CAN-SPAM but many users will take the safer route and hit JUNK. This can have many negative effects on your brand and your list/delivery rates.

Speaking of that - does yours work without exception?

Now to the study

In a recent Return Path survey, nearly 79% of consumers admitted that they have hit the "spam" or "junk" email button to get rid of email they don't want. And nearly 37% do it as a way to unsubscribe from things they had asked to receive


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