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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Would Open Rates Truly Crash?

While automobile technology seems to converge more every day, a new company has launched what may be the Holy Grail for busy, on the go executive types.

iLane is positioned as the world's first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use.

Is this safer than talking on your cell phone or checking your Blackberry/Treo while driving? Probably so but still distracting. Regardless, email metric response rates surely would take a hit for this audience, if not some lurking pedestrians as well.

This technology could overtake the Bluetooth star trek looking ear device as the status symbol for those people that must have the latest gadgets and pretend that they must play businessman all day, and all night. You know who you are.

The only problem is this device would not be as overtly shown off as the ubiquitous Bluetooth thingy. Speaking of, can't you take that thing off while you eat? I have seen it being worn at places that range from the bar at the Four Seasons to fast food restaurants. Self importance must have a limit, especially if you are dining with other people!


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