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Thursday, September 28, 2006

You may not care but officially email is spelled like this..starting now

The Email Experience Council made its first "major" announcement.

There Is No Hyphen In Email

Some hyperbole (note some of the comments in the bottom of the story from annoyed readers) but it is nice to have some standards in the email (not Email, E-mail, eMail or e-mail) industry.

"Toward the end of the session, when the audience was going crazy asking questions and bonding with the speakers, Paul Beck and Jeanniey Mullen did something that no one expected. They announced that the organization had just set its very first email-related standard, releasing the “official spelling of the word email” -”email,” no hyphen.

Paul provided an overview of the research and survey efforts taken to come to a formal position and then provided a great historical recap of the spelling of other words like “online,” which evolved over the years from the combination of two separate words in much the same way: electronic mail, to e-mail, to email."

Adapt accordingly.


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