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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to get picked for speaking engagements

Bill McCloskey provides tips and insight on how to properly submit a proposal for speaking engagements.

The main points:
Number One: Proofread!
Number Two: Make sure that what you are promoting is relevant and to-the-point.
Number Three: Unless you are a marketer for a large brand, don't diss the conference subject in your proposal.
Four: Come up with something that hasn't been beaten into the ground.

Most of these are based on common business sense but also remind any potential speakers out there to remember to keep it basic and easy for the reviewer.

One point I take exception on is the following:
Better yet, don't use links. I've printed out all the proposals I'm reviewing. One person submitted a link to his bio instead of including it in the body of the proposal. Guess what? I'm never going to see that bio.

I think this depends on what the conference or event guidelines say. In fact, one conference where I will be speaking said to include only links for bios and pictures.

The takeaway, read the rules and follow directions or you may not even get a chance to be considered.


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