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Friday, August 31, 2007

What good are blogs?

The easy answer is you get to read some random and insightful thoughts from random and insightful people that you probably don't know. Part voyeuristic and part free brain picking, blogs have become more than a niche of the internet marketing world and a worldwide phenomenon.

But my top answer would be the ability to engage in spirited dialogue with people who you would probably not being having a conversation with otherwise.

Some recent posts on this site and others have reinforced my confidence that blogs are here to stay and serve many different purposes on the corporate, marketing and personal enrichment fronts.'s blog is one of my favorites. A recent Let's talk bacn post has some thoughts on what to make of this pork infused mess. Buzzwords or real threat to email marketing? Stay tuned.

2 different blog threads from MineThatData provide some interesting viewpoints.

E-Mail Productivity Is Waning ... Or Is It?

Return On Investment (ROI)In Direct Marketing

And our own humble blog - The BrightWave Blog - has some email heavyweights provide their thoughts on the top email stories of the past decade

Labor on and enjoy the long weekend.


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