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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Does This Mean McCain Will Win?

My colleague, Brent Rosengren, has an enlightening front page article for iMediaConnection on how the presidential candidates utilize (or in some cases, fail to) email marketing. He even provides a scorecard on how they all measure up in key categories.

Rosengren takes an in-depth look and reveals some interesting nuggets that may be applicable to your email program. Either way, political email is big business and the campaigns continue to place a strong emphasis on email and not just for fundraising but also for mission critical communications. I would imagine they are also cutting major overhead by using email as the key platform for getting their messages out.

I took a look back at an article I wrote 4 years ago on the Bush vs. Kerry email programs to see the progress of political email usage and it appears they have made nice strides but have a long way to go to make their email programs best of breed.

I did have this to say 4 years ago...I feel comfortable saying that Bush’s camp has a very slight advantage over Kerry in terms of email strategy and execution. Though I can’t predict the winner of this year’s election, I can say that we should expect to see increased usage of email marketing in both national and local politics as candidates continue to recognize the value of this timely, highly personalized, low-cost medium.

Will McCain's slight email win foreshadow a similar (and narrow) win as well?


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