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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Alert All Consumer Electronics Marketers

Anyone responsible for online marketing (be it search, email, banners, social networking etc) should be sure to include the following as major bullets in their 2007 budget presentation:

  • One Quarter of Consumer Electronics Purchases Researched Online
  • Of the $32.5 billion spent on CE products purchased in the last six months, 77 percent were influenced by online research.
  • Searchers are defined as individuals who use search engines to learn about products to purchase.
  • Searchers consider more brands and are 114 percent more likely to respond to Internet display advertising they see in their research period.

    Wow. While not a surprise it is powerful. Any CE company (small or large and the playing field has been leveled some with paid search) must have a strong presence in search and email marketing. Or else game over if you want to keep up with today's consumer.

    It is really that simple.

    The hard part is doing it effectively with strong ROI.


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