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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Email Chemistry 101

David Baker has a thoughtful piece on The Chemistry Of An Email Team. This is a rarely evaluated element of a successful email program. Of course, the people make or break anything in the business world. With staffing and budgeting issues a major issue in the email world, this deserves more attention.

It will vary based on your company's size and structure but this is a good case to build for more resources in 2008. For some data to take into battle, see my iMedia piece Email economics: what to do in a recession that ran yesterday.

An additional resource on a day in the life of an email marketing manager (usually the The Moderator or Idealist as described in Baker's article) is from a column I wrote previously that features insights from real life email marketing managers.

What are some other "roles" that could be added to this view of a typical email team?


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