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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Those Presidential Candidates Sure Like Email - But Are They Any Good At It?

Email is certainly not seen as a political luxury item anymore and most politicians have made copious use of the reach of this tool in recent months.

Several articles break down how email is working for the Presidential candidates.

You, Bill Clinton and a bowl of chips

Campaigns get creative in dash for cash

Thanks to Ken Magill and Mark Brownlow for picking these items up.

For the curious and poly sci majors, take a look back at my iMediaConnection piece on the 2004 Presidential email face-off.

Email Marketing and the 2004 Election

An excerpt...

"I feel comfortable saying that Bush’s camp has a very slight advantage over Kerry in terms of email strategy and execution."

So maybe email is a strong indicator of the electoral process and results. Will it foreshadow the winner again in 08?

Stay tuned.


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