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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What's Your Email Program Worth? How About $125 Million?

I try to help our clients put a value on their email program and subscribers to help them build a business case and justify the importance of what they do, often to get more resources from their C level executives while also educating internal teams.

One prominent email newsletter, DailyCandy, a publisher of shopping- and culture-focused newsletters for young women, was sold to Comcast for what people briefed on the matter said was $125 million. The New York Times covers the deal here.

With 2.5 million subscribers, that places a value of $50 per email subscriber. Not bad for a company whose main product is an email newsletter. Granted they have expanded into websites but this demonstrates the real value of a loyal and targeted email program.

Sam Schwartz, executive vice president for Comcast Interactive Media, says it all right here:

“What we saw was a really engaged audience, a very loyal audience, as well as very local properties and great relationships with advertisers.”

This is good news for all email marketers.


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