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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Interactive News to Use - Week of Nov. 6, 2007

A busy week as usual in the online world. Some powerful email ROI number leads us off....

Email ROI Blows Away Other Channels

The DMA stated that the ROI for email marketing is $57.25 for every dollar spent.

-The ROI of all non-email online marketing is $22.52, less than half of email's total.

-Email marketing in the US alone will account for approximately 71,000 jobs this year, growing at 8-10% annually historically and projected into the future as well.

There is a wealth of info in this report and article about it, too much for a blog post, so be sure to check it out.

Viral email retail study

RetailEmail.Blogspot breaks down viral email and releases Send to a Friend Benchmark Study

Highlights include:

-Only 44% of retailers using send to a friend (STAF) in their emails.

-Only 51% of send-to-a-friend emails contain a privacy statement of some sort at the top of the forwarded email.

-Only one retailer, J. Jill, offered the recipients of forwards an incentive to sign up for the newsletter themselves.

Spam: It's Academic

By way of Email Marketing Reports, an interesting called"Consumers’ Attitudes toward Unsolicited Commercial E-mail and Postal Direct Mail Marketing Methods: Intrusiveness, Perceived Loss of Control, and Irritation" . It is by 2 university professors.


As reported in DM News , Yesmail has been ordered to pay upwards of $50,000 for failing to honour unsubscribe requests via reply email.

This raises the stakes even more with both email vendors and on the client side. This also shows the FTC is going after anyone who violates CAN-SPAM. Not just the bulk and obvious spammers.

Bet on Interactive - Podcast

A podcast on MGM Mirage's approach to interactive marketing. This features Shawn Rorick, director, MGM Mirage, who used to work for me at Cox Interactive. Nice work Shawn!

The Top 10 Lies of Web 2.0

Beware the hype and fear the bubble of all that is Web 2.0.

Feedback, comments and content for consideration are welcome.


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