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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super search & email issues appear ahead

To follow up on yesterdays blog regarding the failure of most companies to include a url in the Super Bowl ads, comes how most of these advertisers failed to utilize search to leverage their $3.4M spend on the ad.
Many Super Bowl Marketers Drop the Ball on Search

Why would they do that? Search is hot! Search Engine Ad Spending Forecast Up 39 Percent in '07

Got search? Well, then you must have an opinion on Yahoo's Panama. Stakes huge in Yahoo's overhaul of search engine
(for what it is worth, BrightWave Marketing thinks Panama is a huuuuuge improvement for Yahoo)

On the flip side, email may be looking at a big mountain to climb as industry bully, Microsoft changes the rules. Warning! Outlook 2007 Might Trash HTML Again


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